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Caliber uses proven internet marketing  techniques to boost your online presence.


"Caliber Creations has enabled our organization to fully optimize 2000+ product pages for search engines, yielding immediate revenue gains.”


Developing a site that is easy to navigate and promotes the desired visitor behavior is one thing, but actually driving traffic and potential customers to your organizationís site is quite another. Our team understands both of these facets of internet marketing and we can help you through the process. By analyzing your organization's current Web Marketing strategy, we can help you open new doors and channels to effectively drive more business to your organization. Our team has significant experience in web marketing, affiliate marketing, and search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization:

Status Evaluation:
The first step in deciding how best to reach a target audience over the Internet is to analyze your current positioning. We can evaluate and effectively layout your current position in a host of search engines and a diverse number of directories. Upon completing this analysis we can help you decide what the optimal position for your organization is, and help to increase your ranking on the relevant keywords that you want.

Site Architecture and Content:
We can evaluate and effectively increase your presence on many of the most popular search engines today. We can achieve this goal by developing a site that is search engine friendly and helps to drive highly qualified traffic to your site.

Some of the search engines we focus on:

  • Google - With over 30% of the Search Engine market, Google is the largest and most popular search site today.
  • Yahoo! - As a staple in the industry, Yahoo's directory service and relevant site matches make it one of the largest and most popular portals on the net.
  • AOL Search - AOL serves as one of the largest ISP's in the world and dominates the dial-up network service providers.

Optimized Directory Listings:
Many searches on the internet are driven by directory listings and indexes built on a select few Directory providers. Caliber Creations has intimate knowledge of which directories (both paid and free) can provide the desired exposure at a cost that maintains and effective ROI for your organization.

Paid Listings:
Many organizations wish to jump the queue when it comes to relevant search engine placement. This is possible through a number of channels. Some of these channels include:

  • Overture Keywords
  • Google Adwords
  • Inktomi Index Connect
  • Looksmart Listings

If your organization sees paid inclusion search engine placement in their future, we have extensive knowledge on how all these programs work and how we can help to prove a return on investment for any of these features.


Internet and web-based marketing is our specialty!
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