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Welcome to the Tok Pisin - English Dictionary!

Buk bilong painin mining bilong yupela!  
Learn Tok Pisin! Your resource for learning Tok Pisin vocabulary as spoken in Papua New Guinea

Tok Pisin, or Pidgin, is one of the three national languages of Papua New Guinea. It is the most widely used language in the country, along with English and Motu.

    *THE TOK PISIN TRANSLATOR/DICTIONARY HAS MOVED TO A NEW LOCATION AT TOK-PISIN.COM. This is an improved resource over what we previously offered here on this site, with more vocabulary, phrases, and input from many people interested in the language of Tok Pisin.


    Welcome to the Tok Pisin - English Dictionary! Here you will find many interesting facts about Tok Pisin and Papua New Guinea (PNG). Feel free to look around and enjoy the interesting facts about the "Land of the Unexpected" as PNG is known. There are many pictures here. Enjoy!


    You can view a complete list of the vocabulary and phrases included in the Tok Pisin dictionary by scrolling through pages. You can view the list sorted in two ways:

    • Click here to view the list sorted alphabetically by English words and phrases.

    • Click here to view the list sorted alphabetically by Tok Pisin words and phrases.

PNG has over 800 Languages!

PNG is called "The Land of the Unexpected" with good reason. Most people you meet will speak three languages, and many people will speak 4, 5, 6, or 7!

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