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Buk bilong painin mining bilong yupela!  
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East New Britain:

Basket Weaving

Bita Paka War Cemetery

Cocoa Bean Drying

Cocoa Bean Dryer

Coconut Plantation



Sugar Cane

Friend Climbing Palm


Coconut Palm

Eastern Highlands:

Kunai Roof

Kunai Hauslain

Pandanus Tree





New Ireland:


Namatanai Airport


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    East New Britain

    A mumu is a traditional way of cooking in East New Britain. Rocks are heated with fire for several hours, and in the meantime food is prepared. The food usually consists of sweet potatoes, yams, bananas, taro, and chicken or pork. These ingredients are mixed together and placed inside freshly cut leaves from a banana tree. The banana leaves are wrapped tightly so that no air can leak out, and just before the package is sealed, coconut grease is poured into the package to flavor the ingredients. The package is then placed on the pile of hot rocks and covered with additional rocks and coconut husks. After cooking for several hours or overnight, the feast may be eaten. Very tasty!

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